We create bright, memorable, deeply thought-out ecosystem projects aimed at changing people's attitudes towards their work, others, the surrounding area, and themselves.

Website, finance model
and investment proposal
Global Hub
Investment project of multimodal logistic hub in Turkey
Both to the village and to the city
Federal forum about ecotourism and agrotourism
Central Partnership Development
Strategic session
Prague Hackathon
Hackathon in Prague onr fundraising and CRM solutions for non-profit organizations
Topology, branding
and investment proposal
Corporate Academy
Accelerator for the fund growing undervalued and fast-growing companies
Golden Istanbul
Communication strategy for best turkish tea
Unique exhibition of masterpieces of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso in China for Art of the Nations Foundation
360°-communication, website and voting platform of Awards Project for Philip Kotler
RMG Partners
Launching of VC Fund
Tourism in Russia 2050
Foresight for strategy of tourism development in Russia
Strategy for the development of the Izhevsk International Science and Technology Cluster.
The winning project in the consortium with the Higher School of Economics.

Section "Tourist Branding" within the framework of the forum "Far East - Winter of Opportunities"

School of Integrators

The Regional Producer Teams School "Urban Integrators" in collaboration with the IKRA School.
Factory Konshin
The concept of renovation and creation of a multifunctional residential complex on the historical territory of the Konshin factory in Serpukhov, which was the winning project in the consortium with the Higher School of Economics.
Children and real estate
Section within the framework of the For Cities conference
Workshop on creating a master plan concept for a new conceptual classification of hotels and surrounding areas in collaboration with the ProGorod and Developer School teams.
A program in partnership with "MyBusiness" aimed at helping initiative teams in the region to implement their ideas and projects.
A tool for designing ideas and client services
The concept of the strategy of industrial and educational tourism within the macroterritory of BSK together with the ProGorod team
The masterplan concept developed as part of the Animated Landscape project
Foresight session on the development of the SEMINARY tourism cluster in Ryazan
West Siberian REC
Designing a model for the development and promotion of a world-class Scientific and Educational Center in Tyumen.
Rurban Creative Map
Research on creative clusters in collaboration with ASI and Moscow Polytechnic.
IBC challenge
Foresight of the international architectural team
The system for identifying and developing youth talents "Tyumen-500" through the design of the territory of the future.
School of Advanced Studies SAS UTMN
Strategic session on School Development
New generation
Strategy and roadmap for the regional talent development center based on the "Sirius" model.
Strategy and roadmap for the development of Tyumen State University.
A comprehensive project for the development of the Tyumen Innovation Education Center
Educational interactive project for Technograd VDNH for 12,000 schoolchildren
Концепция, контент и стратегия развитя интерактивной платформы для московских школ
"Dificium" - a simulator of the city of the future.
Kreaton for modeling the image of Tyumen in 2076.
Venture Russia
Rebranding of the Russian Federal Research venture market
Launch of a new video response service with Yandex.Q.
Youth accelerator of the TSU Educational and Scientific School IDEFIX
Loyalty program for clients of one of the leading fintech funds
Etnomir School
The project of the school of the corporate village of Etnomir
Fili Sport
Sports cluster concept Fili Sport
Citywide Loyalty Program Operator
Loyalty program management system commissioned by the Government of Moscow
Branding and communication platform for a technology startup in the field of human capital management
Corporate Life Academy
Educational accelerator for the Life Financial Group
Interactive exhibition dedicated to two great artists
International Colivings Market Research
Integrated campaign for the FRIDAY TV channel
Accelerator for Faberlik venture fund "Captains of Russia"